About Garibaldi Museum, Oregon Coast

Columbia Rediviva

The Garibaldi Museum is nestled between the base of Captain Robert Gray Mountain and the Tillamook Bay in Garibaldi, Oregon. The museum is chartered to preserve the maritime heritage of the Pacific Northwest by collecting information concerning Captain Robert Gray and Captain Robert Gray's historical vessels, the Lady Washington and the Columbia Rediviva.

The museum displays the 18th century sailing world by telling the story of Captain Robert Gray and the trade with native Americans of the Pacific Northwest.

Jolly Boat

Among the museum displays are models of the Columbia and Lady Washington, an eight foot tall reproduction of the Columbia's figurehead, a half model of the Columbia showing how the ship was provisioned for the long voyage, as well as reproductions of the clothing of the seafarers and musical instruments.

Replica of a partially completed 18th century transport boat (Jolly Boat).

One wing features the history of the City of Garibaldi, displaying pictures and artifacts from the turn of the century.

Visitors of all ages will find interest in the museum. Handicapped accessible and group and children friendly.