Gift Shop

The Garibaldi Museum’s gift shop offers a unique selection of items for sale. You never know what you will find in our gift shop. Many of our items are one of a kind hand crafted gifts.

For those of you that enjoy a challenge, we specialize in rare cribbage boards and chess boards. We have deluxe board games for those who want to be competitive.

We have a wide variety of maritime items like compasses, spyglasses, whistles, antique portholes, magnifying glasses, watches, clocks and model ships.

If you are looking for a book about Captain Gray, Oregon maritime, ship wrecks, USCG, Garibaldi history, Oregon history, mermaids, or just a fun book to read on the beach, we are a stop you must make!
We have a passion for children’s books: educational and fun books for all age groups. Some of the popup books that we have make you feel as though you stepped into the book.

We have children’s items like tin sand pails, windup boats, rubber ducks (not just for children anymore), games, Legos, puzzles, and tea sets.

We also sell items that are featured within the museum: children’s maps, model ship kits for the beginner, calligraphy pens and ink, captain and sailor hats, desk sets, scrimshawed items, Native American baskets, playing cards and Hotch Potch dolls.

Remember, when you purchase anything from our gift shop, you support the museum through your purchases!