Kids Fun

Kids just want to have fun... So do we!

Kids counting crabs
The Garibaldi Museum takes pride in giving our junior patrons a fun learning experience. We offer a scavenger hunt for information around the museum that challenges both children and adults. It’s a great family activity! (advance notice is required) Beware of the trick questions...

Trying on hats
Our “Kids Korner” features hats and clothing to try on. Great for taking pictures to remember your museum visit. We also have old fashioned toys that don’t require batteries! When is the last time you used an abacas? Or practiced making your alphabet letters using a Hotch Potch doll?

Bucket Building
Our most popular hands on exhibit is...bucket building! Not everyone can complete the bucket challenge. Do you think that you could survive as a cooper in the 18th century? Give it a try!

The Museum offers many events throughout the year that are geared towards the child at heart. Sailor hat decorating, coloring contests, basket weaving and games are just a few activities that we offer. Check the event schedule to see what we have planned!