Museum Event Schedule

The Garibaldi Museum offers many events that are created for all age groups. Our events are educational and informative. We have 2 fundraisers per year: the white elephant sale in May, and the silent auction in July. By fund raising at these events we are able to offset the costs for our special events. If you have any suggestions on what events you would like to see at the museum, please let us know!

Museum Event Schedule 2019

Events Calendar 2019

The Garibaldi Museum supports our local artists by holding art showings in our Community Room. We feature a different artist(s) every month during our busy Spring/Summer months. The artists show and sell their work for the entire month. We hold a reception for them on a day of their choosing so that you can meet the artists.

We have some very talented artists in the county, so please support them by viewing their art!

If you are an artist and you would like to show your art at the museum, please let us know!