Our Exhibitions

The Garibaldi Village

Experience the complete history of the small coastal town of Garibaldi, Oregon.

The Age of Sailing

Explore the golden days of the age of sail and immersive yourself in the "wooden world" of masted sailing ships.

The Discovery of Tillamook Bay

Retrace the epic voyages of the historic vessels Lady Washington and Columbia Rediviva as they entered Tillamook Bay and the Columbia River.

“Enhancing the maritime heritage of the Pacific Northwest... recognizing the literature, art, music and dance related to the age of sailing.”

Lt. Colonel Charles Parkin Jr,

founder and chief contributor of the Garibaldi Maritime Museum

The Garibaldi Maritime Museum is helmed by a dedicated staff and board of directors.

Christine Bacon, Board President

Jay Harrison, Board Vice President

Lois Daniels, Board Treasurer

Terry Walhood, Board Secretary

Duncan Maher, Executive Director

Carla Albright, Board Member

Amanda Cavitt, Board Member

Gary Albright, Advisor

Bob Bacon, Advisor


   Adults: $4 

Seniors (62+): $3

Children 10 and Under: Free