About Us

The Garibaldi Museum is a small nonprofit museum located in Garibaldi, on the beautiful coast of Oregon. Being a nonprofit museum in a city of 790 people poses many challenges and rewards. The Garibaldi museum meets the challenges that are in front of us while cherishing the rewards that make us plan for future generations.

Founded by the Parkin Family

The museum was founded by the Parkin family, who had a vision of having an organization that would become a cornerstone in the community. They enlisted many people across the United States and within Tillamook County to make this dream come true. Without their persistence, the Garibaldi Museum would not be here to embrace our community and visitors.

Telling the Story

The museum carries on this tradition to this day. We strive to be a place that people, no matter what their age or origin, have a place to go to find their history or tell their story.

Our Mission

Our Mission is a reminder of the goals that we wish to achieve while reminding us why the museum was founded. Volunteers and staff play a big part in the day-to-day running of the museum. Without the dedication of all these people who give so much, the museum would not be such an enriched family atmosphere.

Thank You!

We would also like to thank all our friends and neighbors who have helped us in the past and the ones that are working with us in the future. We enjoy that you are working with us and beside us, making the Garibaldi Museum one of the must-see museums in Tillamook County, and a museum in which you can be genuinely proud.

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Management Team

A very dedicated board of directors governs the museum. The members of this board give their time and energy because of the love they have for the Garibaldi Museum. Please meet our Management Team:

Board Members

President: Chris Bacon
Vice President: Jay Harrison
Secretary: Terry Walhood
Treasurer: Lois Daniels
Board Members:
Chris Bacon, Terry Walhood, Lois Daniels, Jay Harrison, Amanda Cavitt, Steve Denning, Carla Albright

Staff and Advisors

Executive Director: Serena Fanning
Gift Shop Manager: Duncan Maher
Advisors: Christie Zerfing, Bob Bacon